Sherman Indian Museum

Sherman Indian High School Museum

(951) 276-6719
Hours are by appointment


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Museum Virtual Tour with Lorene Sisquoc


The Sherman Indian Museum is open for class tours or individual student research during 6th and 7th periods and after school.

Teachers: the museum is available for Cultural resources for your classrooms during 2nd, 3rd, 6th, or 7th periods.

Clarke Center is open after school and during IRG on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Saturdays’ hours vary and are announced/posted according to programming.

Dorms: the museum would be happy to work with your unit or club groups on any of our offered programs or activities.  Please email, drop a note in the museum mailbox or call extension 309 to set it up.


Cultural Resource Topics:

  •     Language study groups and lessons in the Indigenous Language Center 
  •     Native Plant uses (medicinal, cordage, foods, soaps, etc.)
  •     Southern California Tribal cultures
  •     Boarding school history
  •     Sherman school history
  •     Basketry
  •     Rock art
  •     Traditional uses of tobacco
  •     Traditional values (elders, spirituality, environment, etc.)
  •     Toys and games
  •     Soapstone and shell carving
  •     Music and instruments
  •     Native leader and culture bearer speakers


Cultural Resource Field Trips:

  •     Sherman Indian Museum
  •     Centennial photo exhibit in the auditorium lobby
  •     Sherman Indian High School Memorial Park
  •     Sherman Indian High School Historic Land Mark Tour
  •     Sherman Indian Cemetery
  •     Riverside History and Sherman’s connection (Magnolia to downtown, Mission Inn or Mount Rubidoux)
  •     Mocking Bird Canyon archaeological site (rock art, grinding rocks, native plant uses)
  •     Local Tribal museums and cultural centers
  •     Local civic museums and nature centers


Healthy Heart Activities:

  •     Monday nights during IRG at Bennett Hall is Fancy Shawl, Hoop Dance, and Drum practice
  •     Tuesdays at 4:30pm in Bennett Hall is Yoga and meditation sessions
  •     Wednesdays during IRG in Bennett Hall is Powwow Night
  •     Thursday during IRG at Bennett Hall is Hip Hop and Modern Dance workshops